How to Get Rid of the Smell of Cannabis in Your House/Apartment

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Cannabis in Your House/Apartment

Delta 9 Cannabis Stores carry a wide variety of odour reduction products.


Who remembers exhaling cannabis into cardboard rolls stuffed with sweet-smelling dryer sheets? Or standing on tiptoes in the washroom just to blow smoke out the window? Oh, how things have changed. Nobody really needs to hide the smell of legal cannabis now, but most of us prefer not to have that wonderful odour lingering in our house or apartment. Thanks to both old and new technologies, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

We’ll skip the old-fashioned cardboard rolls and move straight to candles, which have been used forever to produce cover-up aromas. Candles sell out quickly at Delta 9 Cannabis Stores, but you can find them in most if not all stores, with new sizes, styles and scents arriving weekly. “Candles are very popular,” said Delta 9 Assistant Store Manager Shelby Ryman. “We have more than 15 different kinds now, with smells that range from Orange and Lemon to Clean Laundry and Clothesline Fresh.”

Once you’ve got the candles going, you’ll need a Smoke Buddy personal air filter or similar product to exhale your cannabis into. Cannabis smoke goes in one end and clean smelling air comes out the other. Great for tight quarters and perfect for a discreet smoke, these handy personal air filters come in a variety of colours with names like Camo, Tie Dye, Evil, Las Vegas and more. Get the one that suits your personality. Some cannabis aficionados collect them all. And if you’re looking for something a little more serious, check out the Eco Four Twenty personal air filter.

Once you’ve got the candles going, you’ll need a Smoke Buddy personal air filter or similar product to exhale your cannabis into.


“The Eco Four Twenty is very well designed, and it’s Canadian, which is a big plus for me,” said Delta 9 Cannabis Consultant Ryan Kaul. “It’s eco-friendly and the initial system comes with a filter and a replacement. The best part is that you can take the filter out and dry it, which gives it a longer life. The Eco Four Twenty is good to go right out of the box, it’s easy to clean and you can buy additional filters for it.”

You’re also going to want an air-tight storage container to stop any dried cannabis odour from sneaking into the air waves. The waterproof RYOT Flat Pack comes in several sizes and has an integrated and removable SmellSafe carbon-lined interior bag that can be used separately or as bag within a bag. Many of the available storage containers are also kid-proof and lockable.

“Overhauling cannabis odours takes more than one tool,” said Kaul. “Cleaning products are also important. If you have a dirty bong laying around, it won’t matter how many candles you light or how many things you blow into. If you don't have a clean bong, you're not going to have a clean smelling house or apartment.

Cart rig adapters are catching on with cannabis consumers.


“I’m a big fan of the Higher Standards Salt Rox for cleaning your bong. I’ll use them with isopropyl alcohol. And you’ll want some pipe cleaners to clean your downstem every couple of days. That will save you from having to take your bong apart for a heavy clean too often. We also have texturized wet wipes that you can quickly clean your bowl with when it gets dirty. When you have a clean bong, you also save money long-term on cleaning products.”

Finally, there are the cart rig adapters, which allow you to use 510 cartridges with your bong. Adapters are catching on with cannabis consumers, due to their ability not only to reduce the harshness of your smoke, but also to reduce any resulting odours. “People are enjoying the cartridges,” said Ryman. “And I think it’s a great way to bridge them back to glassware.”

Candles lit, Smoke Buddy or Eco Four Twenty personal air filter at the ready, a cart rig adapter, cleaning tools and an air-tight storage container should be all you need to keep a lid on cannabis odours. And, if you need a little extra help, say after a big ‘sesh’ with several friends and multiple bongs, some all-natural Cannabolish spray might do the trick.

We can’t smell anything now. Can you?

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