Your First Visit to a Delta 9 Cannabis Store (What you Need to Know)

Your First Visit to a Delta 9 Cannabis Store (What you Need to Know)

Chad LaPointe, Store Manager – Delta 9 Cannabis Store (Dakota St location)

Chad LaPointe, Store Manager – Delta 9 Cannabis Store (Dakota St location)

Thinking about visiting a Delta 9 cannabis store for the first time? Get comfortable. We’ll make it easy for you. We interviewed Chad LaPointe, the manager of our Delta 9 St. Vital Store, and he explained what to expect on your first visit. He also had a few holiday gift ideas!

“The first thing you’ll want to do is talk to one of our Cannabis Specialists at the Sensory Bar,” said Lapointe. “The Sensory Bar is where we display all of our different cannabis strains, and our Cannabis Specialists have a significant amount of training. They’re very friendly and they’ll try to make you feel at ease. They’ll initiate the conversation, ask questions and try to get a feel for your experience level. That way they can help guide the conversation in the most helpful direction.”

Delta 9 Cannabis Specialists have taken courses from both Lift & Co. and MADD. The MADD course focuses on social responsibility, while the Lift & Co. course includes the history and politics surrounding cannabis and features detailed information on different strains and their effects, cannabinoids, terpene profiles and best methods of consumption.

Delta 9 Cannabis Store – Sensory Bar

“If you’re a new or inexperienced consumer we’ll probably direct you towards the milder cannabis strains, something with a lower THC content” said LaPointe. “THC is what produces the psychoactive effect. For first-time consumers the tolerance level will be very low. We want to guide them to start low and go slow, so they have an enjoyable experience. Think of it in the same way you might think about alcohol. You’re not going to take a big glass of whiskey as your first ever drink.

“We make it very comfortable for everyone. It’s very inviting. Nobody has to be embarrassed that they’re a first-time user. I was really unsure how it would be with different demographics but it’s the most diverse retail atmosphere I’ve seen, from young to old. I was a little concerned that some groups might feel uneasy coming in, but that’s why we set up the store the way we did. We get everyone on board and show them that it’s easy.”

So how big should your first cannabis purchase be and how much will it cost?

Delta 9 Cannabis Store – Checkout

“You can legally purchase up to 30 grams.” said LaPointe. “But a first purchase for a new or inexperienced user will probably be between 1-10 grams of a low THC strain. Denominations for Delta 9 products range from 3.5-10 grams, but we also sell cannabis strains from other Licensed Producers that come in units from 1-10 grams. Prices range from $9-$15 per gram.”

Once you’ve determined which cannabis strain and amount you want to start with, you’ll need to decide on how you want to consume your new product. Besides smoking your cannabis in a traditional rolled joint, the two most popular methods of consumption involve the use of one hitters and vaporizers.

“If you’re a new user or less experienced consumer, we’ll set you up with the appropriate ancillary products,” said LaPointe. “A one hitter basically looks like a metal cigarette. You pack the end of it with a little bit of cannabis, a very small amount. So right away the dosing is a little bit easier. You simply light it, inhale and repeat.

Delta 9 Cannabis Store stocks a wide selection of cannabis accessories!

“Vaporizers are also very popular right now because they’re a healthier option and they allow you to fully use all the different terpenes each cannabis strain has to offer. Some terpenes are activated at lower temperatures. With a one hitter you could be burning off some of the good stuff. A vaporizer is more of an investment. They start at about $90. One hitters can be purchased for as little as $15 or $20. Many people who buy a one hitter will also buy a dugout, which holds both the one hitter and a small amount of cannabis. Dugouts run from $30 to $40. So for $45-$60 you’ll have everything you need to get started.

“You can probably get 20-30 hits from one gram using a one hitter. Vaporizers are even more efficient. That’s another reason why they can be a good investment. For ease of use, vaporizers are the way to go.”

Once you’ve made your decision on the strain and amount of cannabis you want to purchase, you’ll head over to a separate purchasing counter to complete your transaction, but it’s unlikely you’ll make it there before browsing the wide range of ancillary products on display in the store, all of which can enhance and personalize your cannabis experience.

You might even find a Christmas gift!

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