Adventures in Cannabis - 7 Great Strains to Suit Your Fancy

Adventures in Cannabis - 7 Great Strains to Suit Your Fancy

Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a biker, a hiker, a movie buff, a gamer, a birdhouse maker, a stamp collector or a dancer, we’ve got you covered with a cannabis strain to suit your fancy.

Cannabis science has advanced to the point where we have strains that allow you to function normally (and happily!) in a wide variety of scenarios, especially when being “blasted” is not an option. We talked to Delta 9 Cannabis Specialists Bob Hanson and Jennifer Gingras about seven different Delta 9 Cannabis strains that might be just what you need for that “special” occasion.


Here’s what they had to say:

Bob Hanson and Jennifer Gingras – Cannabis Specialists at Delta 9 Cannabis Store


CBD SKUNK HAZE – The Happy Shopper
Sativa Hybrid 
THC: 4-6%    CBD: 7-9%

BOB: “If you were to take a time machine and go back 50 years, this is exactly what Bob Marley would have smoked. This plant was originally gifted to the world with a balance of THC and CBD. CBD is a neuroprotectant that allows you to feel comfortable smoking cannabis. With high THC, what goes up has to come down. The high from this strain has a much different curve to it that allows you to have feelings of love, compassion and understanding. It doesn’t just take you from A to Z. It’s good for socializing, stimulating attention to detail, promoting creativity and reducing stress and anxiety.”

JENNIFER: “I call CBD Skunk Haze my shopping strain. It’s a nice uplifting smoke. I would recommend it for going shopping in a place that is very tense, very busy. It allows you to get through your shop on a busy Saturday and feel super relaxed at the same time. I also might use it in the morning if I wake up with a little bit of anxiety or a small headache.”

WHITE WIDOW – The Conversationalist
THC: 17-18%    CBD: <1%

BOB: “White Widow is a strong strain. It’s the building block for a lot of the modern strains that we smoke. It’s a very strong mood elevator. Good for optimism and positivity. It’s called White Widow because it contains an enormous amount of trichomes that give it a white frosty look. Personally I find the white strains lack a lot of flavour, but they make up for it with their strength. I would use it for working out, mood elevation and combating symptoms of depression. It will make you happy, relaxed and creative.”

JENNIFER: “White Widow is a Brazilian sativa landrace strain mixed with a heavy south Indian indica. It can provide you with a powerful burst of euphoria. It’s a very uplifting strain that stimulates conversation and creativity but because it’s a hybrid it also allows you to stay balanced. You’ll feel the sativa first and the indica will kick in later. It has an earthy wood flavour.”

KALI MIST – The Imaginator
Pure Sativa 
THC: 17-19%    CBD: <1%

BOB: “They call Kali Mist the ‘happy’ sativa. When you consume this strain it’s all about giggling and having fun. This strain will also help you tap into your inner Salvador Dalí.”

JENNIFER: “Kali Mist is a pure sativa, so you have to make sure to start low and go slow, just to see how you feel. It can be used during the day for a blast of uplifting energy without having any fatigue when you come down. Many find that it also stimulates appetite.”

BLUE VENOM – The Overachiever
Indica Dominant Hybrid 
THC: 12-14%    CBD: <1%

BOB: “Blue Venom is a cross between Blueberry and White Widow and I love both of those strains. A lot of people don’t recognize the name Blue Venom, but they know Blueberry and White Widow. Blueberry is an old strain, a form of the actual skunk plant that has a kind of fruity berry essence to it. It exceeds everybody’s expectations. It’s heavier than a lot of the strains that they smoke. And it has a longer onset time for cannabis. Different people have different levels of tolerance. It surprises a lot of people and they end up consuming less of it.”

JENNIFER: “Blue Venom offers a fast-acting, long-lasting experience that usually results in full body relaxation and slowly produces a deep sedation. So you might be happy, focused and talkative early but sleepy later. You might start a movie but you might not finish it. It’s very relaxing, good for getting to sleep and staying asleep. And it has a nice flavour!”

SUPER LEMON HAZE – The Creative Genius
THC: 14-17%    CBD: <1%

BOB: “Super Lemon Haze is often considered the most intelligent cannabis strain available. It’s really geared towards writers, creators, designers and illustrators and they love it. And the high often last lasts upwards of 3-4 hours.”

JENNIFER: “I agree with Bob. And Super Lemon Haze is a “super” popular cannabis strain. Consuming it makes you energetic, creative and happy. Medical patients use it to help treat symptoms of depression and anxiety and to reduce chronic pain. It can also stimulate your appetite. And like the name says, it’s super lemony with a zesty, citrussy smell and a little bit of a sweet taste. Think Lemon Head candy.”

AK-47 – The Energizer
Sativa Dominant Hybrid 
THC: 14-15%    CBD: <1%

BOB: “AK-47 is one of the oldest strains around. It has a very unique flavour and provides a very clear-headed high. It’s definitely energizing, so you need to be ready to direct that energy. Most consumers put their newfound energy into straight-out laughing, so it’s good for fun group outings.”

JENNIFER: “AK-47 delivers a steady, long lasting cerebral buzz. It keeps you mentally alert and engaged in activities. It’s good for being creative and doing social activities. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid so it will make you feel happy, but you’ll also be able to get through a movie. It has enough indica in it to relax the body but you won’t fall asleep. It’s good for someone who is new to cannabis because it relaxes you quite nicely.”

BLACK DOMINA – The Heavy Hitter
Indica Hybrid 
THC: 10-12%    CBD: <1%

BOB: “The heaviest of the heavy. Black Domina is one of the hardest-hitting strains available and generally produces an almost tranquilizing effect. Many people think it’s a 25 percent THC strain but it’s usually only between 10 and 12%. It has one of the highest levels of myrcene in it, which seems to enhance the absorption into your lungs like very few other strains do.”

JENNIFER: “Black Domina would probably be ideal for late night use. It will provide an overwhelming feeling of relaxation for most people, a very lazy feeling. The myrcene and the THC work together to provide a heavier high. People say they have used it for pain relief, depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia.”


Delta 9 Cannabis Stores currently offer up to 65 different cannabis strains. We’ve only just touched the surface with the seven strains above and there are many more to come. Each strain offers its own unique experience, and one or more of them are almost certain to suit your fancy. But which strain?

There’s only one way to find out.

Let your adventure begin.

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