Different “Horts” for Different Sports?

Different “Horts” for Different Sports?

We’re all familiar with the phrase: “Different strokes for different folks.” But how’s this for a Delta 9 original? “Different ‘horts’ for different sports”, with “hort” being horticultural experience—where the variety of cannabis you consume depends on the sport you’re watching.

After all, different sports have a different cadence. Football has explosive action; baseball is watch and anticipate. Aren’t our moods different? In a social football situation, maybe we’re bouncing off the walls as a kickoff is being returned for a touchdown, but the experience in baseball is more of relief when our side is grinding out a run, base by laborious base.

Isn’t Delta 9’s recent pre-roll introduction, “Stubbies,” perfect for the four quarters of football? (A tube contains four Stubbies which are only 0.25 grams each.) And aren’t longer-acting gummies an ideal companion for the patience needed in baseball?

Based on the difference in action between football and baseball, Delta 9 has recommendations below for each. Of course, nothing is fast and firm. Nobody’s going to knock on your door to find out, for example, whether you’re chewing on a Rise & Shine Clementine before sitting down for an early Blue Jays Game despite that gummy being recommended for football-viewing. To each their own after all.


  1. Wana Quick’s Rise & Shine Clementine: Two orange-flavoured 5 mg sativa gummies “that get you into the game” say the folks at the Bunn’s Creek outlet in Winnipeg ($8.50)
  2. XMG’s Lemon Iced Tea: a 10 mg sativa/indica blend ($7)
  3. WYLD’s Huckleberry gummies: two hybrid 5 mg gummies made with real-fruit ($5.25)
  4. A Delta 9 original: Grower’s Private Stash Stubbies (half a regular pre-rolled joint) 0.25 grams of premium whole flower (4 x 0.25g for $9.99)


  1. Tweed’s Raspberry Iced Tea: 5 mg blend ($6)
  2. Tweed’s Deep Space Limon Splashdown: 10 mg blend ($7)
  3. Wana Strawberry gummies: Two 2 mg blend gummies ($7)
  4. A Delta 9 original: Grower’s Private Stash Stubbies (half a regular pre-rolled joint) 0.25 grams of premium whole flower (4 x 0.25g for $9.99)

FOR HALF-TIME? How about a chocolate peanut butter cup produced by Lyf Halftime? 10 mg THC ($6.50)

And, “while you’re cleaning the house before a game,” Bobbie-Jo Love, manager of the Bunn’s Creek store in northeast Winnipeg recommends the energizing effects of a sativa product. Lots to choose from at Delta 9 stores or online.

Of course, everyone’s tastes and everyone’s mood at a particular time may be different and demanding of a different product. Regardless of what else you may have going on, you may wish to enhance the moment by experimenting with a cannabis beverage. (Always keeping in mind: Start low and go slow.)

7" Pineapple Silicone Bong

And, of course, sport get-togethers might prompt you to get out a colourful bong of which Delta 9 stores have many to choose from. “Pass the pineapple” is what you may be saying at your next football or hockey get-together after a visit to the Bunn’s Creek store in Winnipeg.

And who’s to argue with you if Delta 9’s recently-introduced Space Stix is your favourite at ANY time? “They’re selling like hotcakes,” reports the staff of the Bunn’s Creek store. “No wonder, these 0.5g pre-rolls contain 0.3g of premium Delta 9 bud mixed with 0.2g of terpene-infused distillate; the perfect ratio for a flavorful, slow-burning, and high potency joint. Grab some today and spend your evening among the stars!”

Delta 9 – Space Stix Infused Pre-Rolls

Delta 9’s recently-introduced Space Stix contain 0.3g of premium Delta 9 bud mixed with 0.2g of terpene-infused distillate.

Which Sports Fans Consume The Most Cannabis?

A survey of almost 1,700 sports fans aged 25 to 75 has shown that cannabis consumption varies according to the sport being watched. And some teams’ fans are greater cannabis users than other teams’ supporters. For example, of the 36 per cent of football fans who enjoy cannabis while watching a game, 77 per cent of them are Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons fans while only 31 per cent of those users are New England Patriots fans.

“That’s probably because New Englanders are bigger drinkers instead”, says Bobbie-Jo Love, manager of the Bunn’s Creek store.

Maybe you can think of a different reason. Could we then conclude Pats fans are generally more intense while those cheering for the Ravens and Falcons are more likely to chill out—which is probably a good thing if one is a fan of the re-building Falcons.

In any case, here are the levels of pot use among fans watching different sports:

41% – Mixed martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
36% – Pro football fans
35% – NBA fans
33% – NHL fans
30% – Major League Baseball fans
27% – NCAA (national collegiate sports) fans

This survey was undertaken by the sports betting platform lines.com and written about online here. Does it surprise you that those who are into martial arts are also the heaviest cannabis users? Joe Rogan who hosts a podcast in the U.S. says it’s likely because “a tremendous number of UFC fighters use pot.” At one time it was a banned substance for them. Not any more.

Of course, that makes sense because pot users report feeling more like working out when they’re high. Joggers say they feel lighter on their feet and that they can “run forever.” And, of course, cannabis is used by some to diminish muscle soreness after a gruelling workout.

What about the average amount consumed during a game? Two grams.

Different “horts” for different sports. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? What’s your go-to “Hort” for your favourite sport? Please let us know so we can pass along your experiences to other readers!! Email: marketing@delta9.ca.

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