Former Diamond Driller finds Gold in Mothership Glass

Former Diamond Driller finds Gold in Mothership Glass

Tyler Cyr’s collection includes high-end glass bongs and dab rigs from Mothership Glass.

When former diamond driller Tyler Cyr made the switch from alcohol to cannabis he did so on purpose, but it was a “smoke” of luck that led him to become a collector of high-end glass bongs and dab rigs, three of which he recently bought from the Mothership Glass collection at Delta 9.

“I dropped alcohol completely and focused a little bit more energy into learning about cannabis,” said the 23-year-old Cyr. “What it can do for people, and how it can benefit them. Because it helped me so much in my daily life, it kind of overtook a bit of my free time, and then I discovered high-end heady glass. It just took off from there and it’s become a bit of a lifestyle for me.”

Cyr bought the Mothership Glass dab rigs from Bobbie-Jo Love, Store Manager of the Bunn’s Creek Delta 9 Cannabis Store on Henderson Highway, to add to his collection which now includes eight pieces. And it all started with a chance smoke session in Arizona.

“My parents have a place in Phoenix,” said Cyr. “I was visiting them and looking for some guys to “sesh” with and I ended up discovering some guys called Weird Flex Glass on Instagram. I found out they were based in Arizona, contacted them, and they ended up having me over for a session. They showed me their entire collection of high-end glass pieces and I was completely mesmerized. That’s what inspired me to start collecting.”

Cyr has been collecting high-end glass for about a year and a half now. The Mothership Glass pieces he bought from Delta 9 became part of a collection that also includes five different flower tubes from various artists.

Left to right: Mothership Glass, Avant Garde Glass, S.O.L. Glassworks, Swiss Perc Studios, and Grassblower

“A flower tube is bong that you would use specifically for weed,” said Cyr. “You don’t put concentrates through them. One of my latest custom pieces came from Avery York, a glass blower in Philadelphia that I met at an event in Phoenix a couple months ago.

“When you start collecting, you kind of get attached to certain artists whose work you like. I usually end up contacting the artist and learning more about them, just to gain a deeper appreciation for their work. Because when you’re buying a high-end two-to-three-thousand-dollar piece, you’re supporting someone who does this as their livelihood. When you’re buying something handmade, you’re paying for someone’s artistic expertise, their time and effort, as well as the uniqueness of the piece.”

Mothership Glass checked all the boxes for Cyr.

“Mothership has insane quality control,” he said. “Anything you get from them is something they call a first-quality piece. There are not going to be any scratches or air bubbles, everything is going to be squared off and perfect. There’s not going to be a single flaw. That usually goes for most of the other high-end glass pieces as well.”

Cyr uses pieces from his collection every day but says he doesn’t smoke traditional pot out of them.

“I buy live rosin, anything made with solventless extraction, no chemicals,” said Cyr. “Where you would put your regular weed bowl, I use something we call a quartz bucket, or a nail or banger. I blowtorch that until it gets hot, I put a temperature gun to it and wait until it gets to 500 degrees, and then I put my concentrates in there. It boils and you can consume the vapours through the piece.”

Left: Avant Garde Glass; Right: Avery York

With regards to collectability after the glassware has been used, Cyr says the pieces shouldn’t lose their value, as long as they are cleaned regularly. He’s still in collecting mode now and doesn’t expect to be selling anything in the near future.

“It won’t matter as longs as I keep them pristine,” said Cyr. “I clean them every time I use them. If you’ve only been using them for a day, a quick swish with Randy’s is perfect. Delta 9 sells that. Another cleaner I use is Grunge Off, a soaker cleaner.”

Cyr’s favourite Licensed Producers in Canada are Broken Coast, Ghost Drops and Delta 9, and living five minutes from the Delta 9 Bunn’s Creek store has made his life easier.

“I’ve been a regular customer at the Bunn’s Creek store ever since it opened up,” said Cyr. “They have great deals, especially if their stock is getting old. Sometimes the store manager Bobbie-Jo will put stuff on for sale at eight or nine dollars. My friends go crazy whenever that happens.”

Left: Avery York; Right: S.O.L. Glassworks

With regards to consuming cannabis and going to work the next day, Cyr says it’s not a problem.

“It’s not like alcohol, where I’m going to wake up the next day with a hangover,” said Cyr. “After work, when I’ve had dinner and done my chores, I like to chill out and calm my nerves with a smoke, maybe have some friends over on the patio, sitting around a campfire or playing some video games.”

Sometimes his friends tease him about his expensive glassware, but Cyr says it’s worth it.

“I bought these pieces because I really, really like them. And I love to look at them. Every day when I come home from work, I’ll sit back and think about which one I want to use that evening. I tell my friends it’s like the difference between driving a Sunfire or a Lamborghini and ask them which one they would rather drive.”

The answer is always the same.

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