No Accessories Required - Cannabis oils, sprays and softgels becoming more popular with Manitoba consumers

No Accessories Required - Cannabis oils, sprays and softgels becoming more popular with Manitoba consumers

Cannabis oils, sprays and softgels becoming more popular with Manitoba consumers

Ryan Tulloch (Delta 9 Cannabis Consultant) and Courtney Pratt (Territory Manager Manitoba, Canopy Growth Corporation)

Cannabis now comes in all shapes, sizes and formats and Manitobans are warming to the fact that smoking and vaporization are no longer the only methods of consumption. Technically, the first cannabis edibles are already here.

Cannabis sprays and softgels first became available to medical cannabis consumers in Manitoba in 2016 and 2017 but they are now becoming more popular among recreational consumers. Canopy Growth Corporation recently held educational popups on oils, sprays and softgels for their Tweed brand at the Delta 9 Cannabis Stores in St. Vital and Brandon, and they were very well received.

“It took some time for consumers to wrap their minds around the fact that you could consume cannabis in different ways,” said Courtney Pratt, Territory Manager for Manitoba and Nunavut at Canopy Growth. “But now that people have started to gain some experience with oils and softgels, we’ve noticed they’re purchasing more.”

“Oils and softgels give newer consumers who don’t want to inhale a great option for a safe, quality, cannabis product from a licensed producer they can trust,” said Kate Moody, Corporate Trainer and Recreational Team Lead at Canopy Growth. “As opposed to making your own edibles where you have no idea of what the THC content is going to be. You could make brownies, but why not just have a softgel, which is precisely measured and has zero calories.”

Tweed sprays and softgels use pharmaceutical grade MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) derived coconut oil as their carrier oil. Sprays also come with a dash of peppermint flavouring in them, which is geared towards customers who don’t necessarily like the taste of cannabis. The peppermint also acts as an antibacterial agent.

Both sprays and softgels provide consistent dosages. Sprays come in 40 ml bottles which provide 400 sprays at 2.5 mg of THC per spray and softgels offer both 2.5 mg and 10 mg dosage options.

“Sprays and softgels offer a way of micro-dosing that allows you to find a balance that works best with regards to the desired effect you’re looking for,” said Courtney. “Everyone’s endocannabinoid system processes cannabis differently. Think of it like you might think of alcohol consumption. One person might have five drinks and they’ll be fine but another person might have one drink and that’s too much. So we always recommend that people start low and go slow.”

“Even if someone classifies themselves as an experienced consumer, we still recommend starting with a smaller dose,” said Kate. “With one 2.5 mg capsule or spray, and then waiting approximately 30 to 90 minutes for it to take effect. Sometimes it can take a little longer, but that is what Health Canada has given us to work within. The effects can last between 4-10 hours and sometimes longer, depending on a person’s metabolism. If you don’t find the desired effect you’re looking for after the initial dose, do not take more. Wait until the next day, and then increase the dose from one to two, until you find the effect you’re looking for.

“It’s important to note that your experience with inhalation does not predict your experience with ingestion. Someone may have a really high tolerance for dried flower, but their tolerance level may not be the same for an ingestible. It can also work the other way. It really depends on body chemistry.”

Cvault / Integra Boost

Allison Pattison (Community Engagement Specialist, Canopy Growth Corporation) and Courtney Pratt (Territory Manager Manitoba, Canopy Growth Corporation)

Choosing between sprays and softgels comes down to personal preference. Both are used by consumers who do not want to inhale cannabis, but softgels offer an additional convenience.

“If you want take a spray with you, you have to take the whole bottle,” said Kate. “But with softgels you can just pop a couple in your pocket. They’re a little bit more portable in that respect, but both are a more discreet option and they have no odour. They also, in general, have a longer lasting effect. Think about being at a concert where there are no in-and-out privileges and you can’t leave. A spray or softgel might be the perfect solution.”

Sprays and softgels are offered in a similar variety to dried flower, but there are not quite as many in consistent stock at this point.

“In Manitoba specifically, we offer quite a variety in terms of Indica, Hybrid and Sativa strains,” said Courtney. “And that includes balanced products which are roughly equal parts THC and CBD. What that means to the consumer is that the CBD will actually buffer the THC so it won’t give them as much of the psychoactive component as it would if it was just the straight THC.”

Sprays, oils and softgels currently available online at include: Tweed - Bakerstreet 2.5mg Softgels, Tweed - Highlands 10mg Softgels, Tweed - Highlands Oral Spray, Tweed - Plain Packaging - Indica Oil, DNA Genetics - Lemon Skunk 10mg Softgels, DNA Genetics - Lemon Skunk Oral Spray, LBS - Sunset 2.5mg Softgels, Solei - Gather Oral Spray, Solei - Unplug Oil, Edison - Indica Oil and Riff - THC Spray.

Additional sprays, oils and softgels are also available in-store at Delta 9 Cannabis Stores but inventory may vary depending on location. Customers can check to see which products are currently available by visiting the St. Vital, Osborne Village and Brandon Delta 9 Cannabis Stores online.

“The variety available now gives consumers some options depending on the occasion and the atmosphere they want to consume in,” said Kate. “If you’re going to be at home watching Netflix and relaxing maybe an Indica strain is what you’re looking for. Hybrids we might classify as being in the ‘discover and do’ section. If you’re going to bake some cookies or go for a hike that might be the optimal strain. Sativas might be the preferred option if you’re looking to host a big party at your house or you’re going to the bar because your favourite band is playing.”

The dewbie will rehydrate a few grams of cannabis in 10-20 minutes.

Softgels are currently available in 15 and 60 packs and are priced starting from just over $20.00 at Delta 9 Cannabis Stores. Sprays come in 40 ml bottles and start at just over $80.00. Premium brands are also available at a slightly higher price point, but all oils, sprays and softgels offer Manitoba cannabis consumers a chance to try something new, to see what they like, and craft the experience they’re looking for based on past experiences.

“Many have already added oils, sprays and softgels to their cannabis menu,” said Kate. “They’re discreet, convenient, smoke-free and portable.”

As precursors to the multitude of cannabis edibles that will be legalized in October 2019, when revisions to the Cannabis Act are finalized, oils, sprays and softgels are proving to be worth a try for both new and experienced consumers. And the best thing about oils, sprays and softgels?

No accessories required!

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