Spark Up Your Love Life! - Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis and Sex

Spark Up Your Love Life! - Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis and Sex

Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, both scientific and anecdotal research are starting to reveal what many of you already know -- cannabis can be a powerful enhancement for sex and can also lead to more of it – it can spark up your love life!

Cannabis has an intimate relationship with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is involved in the regulation of every important biological function including pain regulation, mood, appetite, sleep, immune system function and of course, sex, which is one of the most basic human needs. We need it to survive, and if you don't already want it, cannabis research might change your mind.

Research says Cannabis Enhances Sex

A study on cannabis use and sexual frequency published in the Journal for Sexual Medicine reported that increased use of cannabis was associated with an increase in sexual activity. Another study that appeared in the same publication in January 2017 researched the relationship between cannabis use prior to sex and sexual function in women and stated that the majority of respondents reported a better overall sexual experience, an increase in sex drive and a more pleasurable orgasm.

The increased desire for sex was thought to be partially related to the short-term anxiety and stress relieving effects of cannabis, which not only led to a boost in libido but also in an improved ability to communicate your preferences to your partner. An informal anecdotal survey conducted by a blogger at Psychology Today also provided some interesting and surprising comments, with 67% of respondents reporting that cannabis enhanced their sexual experience.

And aside from the euphoric properties and heightened sensitivity brought on by the THC in cannabis, CBD also played roll in improving sexual experience. In a small survey conducted by Remedy Review, 68% of the respondents who had tried CBD for sexual purposes said it helped them to relax, improved their overall mood and that it had improved their sexual experience.

And for males, a Harvard study published in Human Reproduction said that men who had smoked cannabis at some point in their life had significantly higher concentrations of sperm when compared with men who had never smoked it. The study also found that among cannabis smokers, greater use was associated with higher testosterone levels.

In summary, three of the largest studies on cannabis and sex over the past two years have indicated that for most users, cannabis enhances sex.

Whichever strain you choose, “Start Low, Go Slow” always applies!

Which Strains are Best for Sex?

It’s important to find a strain with just the right balance of THC and CBD when it comes to sex, and you’ll probably want to stick with something you’re familiar with. If you’re considering a different strain, make sure to give it a test drive a few days before the big event. Many people prefer the euphoric uplifting kick and increased sensitivity provided by sativa strains, but a hybrid or more balanced CBD strain may also work well for you depending on your body chemistry.

Everyone will have their own preferences, but a few of the more popular strains people have mentioned with regards to sex include 13 Dawgs, Kali Mist, Blueberry Kush and Headbanger, the latter of which will soon be available at Delta 9 Cannabis Stores.

Whichever strain you choose, “Start Low, Go Slow” always applies. Consuming too much cannabis before sex might leave you passed out on the couch before you even get started or zipping around another universe inside your head unable to focus on the job at hand.

While many of the proven effects of CBD, such as increased blood flow and nerve sensation, reduced anxiety, pain relief and improved relaxation, lend themselves towards a more pleasurable sexual experience, perhaps the most convincing reason we found for trying cannabis to enhance your sex life came from Becky Lynn, the director of the Center for Sexual Health at Saint Louis University, in a Boston Magazine article entitled Women, Weed, and Sex: What You Need to Know, with regards to what THC does to the mind and body.

It “reduces your anxiety, so you might feel more comfortable, and it slows down the perception of time and causes heightened sensations,” said Lynn.

“So whatever touch you’re feeling seems bigger in your mind.”

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